'He Said She Said' Marriage Communication Course
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'He Said She Said' Marriage Communication Course

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Healthy communication enables you to grow EVERY OTHER AREA OF YOUR MARRIAGE! Why? Because if you can't communicate about what matters to you, it never changes. This course is going to teach you everything you need to communicate well with your spouse!

Module 1 - New Rules & Perspective For Communication

Module 2 - The Power of Your Words

Module 3 - How to Express Yourself Effectively

Module 4 - How to Listen Effectively

Module 5 - The "Main Event" How To Initiate & Have Healthy Confrontation and Conversations

Module 6 - How to Walk Out Repentance & Forgiveness

Module 7 - Body Language & Physiology

Module 8 - How to use Clarifying Language & Questions

*Bonus Module 1 - How to Communicate about Sex, Spirituality, Parenting, and Money

* Bonus Module 2 - How to Communicate With a Spouse Who Is Quiet or Resistant.

When you sign up you and your spouse will be added to our exclusive private Facebook group where you will have access to Cody & Stefani for questions that come up along your journey through the course AND you will be able to participate in monthly members-only Q&A.

The first course module launches September 10th and each subsequent module will be released in weekly intervals from there on out.

You will also receive your course workbook that will have weekly questions and exercises that you will be able to do together with your spouse.

NO MORE WAITING! Change your marriage forever. Sign up NOW!


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